Test I variant

1. Tom his test. Ill check it.

A. had just done                     B. has just done                      C. just done


2. These friends a meeting every Sunday.

A. have                                               B. have had                            C. is having


3. They a new bridge now.

A. are building                                    B. is being built                                   C. was builded


4. Ive met your brother in the bowling two days ago ? He detests this game!

A. What is he do there             B. What did he do there        

C. What did he there


5. Patrick and Florent poker this moment in the USA.

A. are playing                          B. play                                     C. played


6. He   his brother since he left the country.

A. didnt see                           B. isnt seeing                                     C. hasnt seen


7. I last Friday.      

A. arrived                               B. was arrived                         C. have arrived


8. The UK by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the English Channel.  

A. is washed                           B. was washed                                    C. has been washed


9. Nobody me yesterday, so I had to do it myself.

A. help                                                B.  helped                               C.  will help


10. My little sister fond of books.

A.  is                                       B.  will                                    C.  should                  


11. Robert wasnt at the lecture, ?

A. isnt it                                 B. was he                                C. wasnt he


12. I agree with you. You are wrong.

            A. cant                                   B. havent                               C. may not


13. Who those children?

            A. are                                      B. is                            C. was


14. Her husband a brother Roy.

            A. is                                        B. has                                     C. have


15. Hamlet by Shakespeare.

            A. wrote                                  B. has written                          C. was written


16. you see anything? No I see nothing.

            A. Can, cant                           B. Cant, should                                  C. Can, can


17. When in England?

            A. did you arrive                    B. have you arrived                C. you arrived


18. I a book when my sister asked me this question.

            A. was reading, was asking     B. was reading, asked

            C. read, asked


19. Jerry hasnt come yet.  He be ill.

            A. need                                   B. should                                            C. might


20. We by the end of the August.

            A. will have moved                 B. shall move                          C. moved