Test II variant

1. I tennis when I to have a rest.

A. played, decided                  B. was playing, was deciding

C. was playing, decided


2. Mary is so beautiful! She a lot for the last 3 years.

A. changed                             B. has changed                       C. change


3. Do you hear? Somebody !

A. is singing                            B. sings                                   C. is sung


4. These books by all my family.

A. read                                     B. was read                            C. were read


5. Before travelling by plane you buy a ticket.

A. must                                    B. should                               C. may


6. Christmas the most popular holiday in Great Britain.

A. will                         B. are                          C. is


7. You are not well! You see the doctor.

A. should                    B. could                                              C. may


8. This book into 14 languages.

A. translated                            B. has translated                     C. was translated


9. ? I cant find it!

A. where my diary is              B.  where is my diary  C.  is where my diary


10. They successful businessmen  last  year.

A.  will become                       B.  became                  C.  are becoming        


11. Jack read and write when he was 5 .

A. could                                  B. should                                C. will be able


12. He his work yesterday.

            A. finished                              B. had finished                       C. was finished


13. When the manager arrived, we .

            A. had already gone    B. were gone                           C. went already


14. The Earths surface mostly by water.

            A. is covered                      B. was covered                  C. has been covered


15. They live in Barcelona, ?

            A. arent they              B. dont they                           C. are they


16. Her younger brother is 5. He read, write and count up to 1000.

            A. might                                  B. can                                     C. has to


17. He to Australia.

            A. never been             B. was never                           C. has never been


18. Peace and War was written Tolstoi.

            A. with                                    B. by                                       C. ---   


19. I my sister this week .

            A. havent visited                    B. didnt visit                          C. werent visited


20. It while we for a bus.

            A. rained, waited                     B. was raining, were waiting

            C. was raining, waited