Variant II

1.    I .. - I didn't hear you came in.
A. was sleeping               B. slept                         C. is sleeping

2.    . a good holiday this year?

A. have you had                            B. had you had            C. have you

3.    Im tired. I .. to bed.

A. has gone                           B. was going                C. will go

4.    I .. home very late last night.
A.  came                           B. was coming             C. comes

5.    I .. when the waitress took my plate.
A.  still ate                        B. was still eating        C. am still eating

6.    Mary..a chocolate cake. Doesnt it smell great?

A.  had just baked                 B. has just baked         C. just baked

7.    Thailand located in Asia.

A. is                                       B. be                             C. was

8.    He .. a lot more now than he did when he was young.

A.  weighs                              B. is weighing             C. has weighed

9.    Our planet .. hotter and hotter because of global warming.

A.  gets                                   B. is getting                 C. getting

10.          We ..plans for our trip to Spain when you called last night.

A.  made                                 B. had made                 C. were making

11.          That black dress  perfectly!

A.  fits                                    B. is fitting                   C. fitting

12.          My sister always .. me with the washing up.

A. is helping                         B. helps                        C. helped

13.          Im sure Peter .. be late.

A. is                                       B. willnt                     C. wont

14. manage to do all this work last night?

A.  have                                  B. had                           C. did

15.          She . a good job and earns a lot of money.

A.  is having                           B. has had                    C. has

16.           She her studio since 6 oclock this morning.

A.  has been painting            B. is painting               C. paints

17.          The babys skin .. soft.

A.  is feeling                          B. feel                           C. feels

18.          Where is Ken? He .. with his friends.

A. are chatting                      B. is chatting               C. chatting

19.           Its late. I think I a taxi.

A. will take                           B. was taking               C. is taking

20.          He .. Paris tonight, he has already bought tickets.

A.  leaves for                         B. is leaving for           C. left

Variant I

1.    I .. to see her twice, but she wasn't home.
A. was coming            B. came                        C. comes

2.    We .. breakfast when she walked into the room.
A. had                          B. were having            C. has

3.    Last month I decided to buy a new car, and yesterday I finally .. it.
A. bought                    B. was buying             C. buy

4.    Jenny .. three sisters.

A. has                           B. havent                    C. doesnt

5.    My parents .. in the same house for 50 years.

A. have lived               B. was living               C. live

6.    Do you think it rain?

A. willnt                     B. will                          C. are

7.    As soon as he ..the room, he realised what was going on.

A.  entered                    B. has entered              C. was entering

8.    Where are the kids? They .. in the garden with the cat.

A. is playing                B. are playing              C. plays

9.    My baby brother ..with his toys at the moment.

A.  has played               B. plays                        C. is playing

10.                      Can you call later, please. Mary a bath.

A. is having                 B. has got                     C. will have

11.                      Your new outfit .. fabulous!

A.  looks                       B. is looking                C. look

12.              Italy?

A. Have you be           B. Did you be              C. Have you been

13.                      First, he had dinner, then he .. a newspaper.

A.  had read                  B. was reading             C. read

14.                      The Smiths .. in Swiss for fifteen years before they moved back to England.

A.  had lived                 B. were living              C. have lived

15.                      By the time she finished doing her homework, it .. dark outside.

A.  was                          B. was being                C. is

16.                      Alan is an accountant. Does he .. in a bank?

A. is working              B. works                      C. work

17.                      Mary .. the house by the time it started to rain.

A.  had reached            B. has reached             C. was reaching

18.                       I .. be late, I promise!

A. am                           B. wont                       C. willnt

19.                      Paul is tired. He .in the library for hours!

A.  is studying              B. has been studying  C. studied

20.                       Perhaps they . A new house this year.

A. are buying              B. buy                          C. will buy