Test (VII term)


  1. Tommy his toys on the stairs; hes very naughty.

A. is always leaving                           B. had always left

C. has always left


  1. By the time she has finished doing her homework, it dark outside.

A. was                        B. was being               C. is


  1. The teacher told us that water at 0ºC

A. frozen                    B. freezes                   C. had frozen


  1. You very happy now Yes, I ... about the letter.

A. arent seeming am thinking                 B. dont seem think                     

C. dont seem am thinking


  1. Dont put the dictionary away. I it.

A. am using                B. use                         C. wont use


  1. Margaret to work yesterday, she well.

A. didnt go wasnt feeling          B. hasnt gone didnt feel

C. wasnt going wasnt feeling


  1. She asked me .

A. did I remember her                       B. if did I remember her

C. whether I remembered her


  1. That dress Marie perfectly.

A. fits                         B. fitting                     C. is fitting


9.   The Earth's surface ..... mostly ..... with water.  

A. is ... covered                                  B. was ... covered

C. has ... been covered


10. When the manager arrived, the problem ......  

A. had already been solved               B. had already solved

C. had solved


11.   number of priceless works of art in the earthquake.

A. have been destroyed                     B. was destroyed

C. has been destroyed


12. I went to the dentists .

A. to be filled my teeth                     B. to have my teeth filled

C. my teeth to have filled


  1. The grass is getting long again. We should .

A. it cut                      B. to cut it                  C. have it cut


  1.  Patrick seemes ver happy. His first book now.

A. is printing              B. is being printed      C. is printed