Test (VII term)


  1. He   his brother since he left the country.

A. didnt see                          B. isnt seeing

C. hasnt seen


  1. When she the letter, she to the post.

A. finished, went                   B. has finished, has gone                  

C. has finished, went


  1. Football for hundreds of years.

A. has played             B. has been played                 C. Was played


  1. A prize to whoever solves the this equation.

A. will be giving         B. gives                                  C. will be given


  1. Do you hear? Somebody .

A. is singing               B. sings                       C. is sung


  1. I last Friday.

A. arrived                  B. was arrived                        C. have arrived


  1. Heather wanted to know .

A. did I receive her note                    B. if I received her note

C. whether did I receive her note


  1. tag



9.   The UK by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the English Channel.  

A. is washed                          B. was washed

C. has been washed


10. When she woke up, her mother ... .  

A. had already been gone                  B. had already gone

C. has gone


11.  All the articles by the anonymous journalist.

A. wrote                     B. was written

C. were written


12. I went to the tailor .

A. to be made my suit                        B. to have my suit made

C. my suit to have made


  1. Your parrot is obviously hungry. It must .

A. feed you                B. have it fed             C. be fed


  1.  I because I didnt have a printer.

A. have my report printed                 B. had my report printed      

C. had printed