Past Simple or Past Continuous?

1.     Choose the correct item.

1.     I ________ - I didn't hear you come in.
a. was sleeping
b. slept

2.     I ________ to see her twice, but she wasn't home.
a. was coming
b. came

3.     What ________? I was watching TV.
a. did you do
b. were you doing

4.     Robin Hood was a character who ________ from the rich and gave to the poor.
a. stole
b. was stealing

5.     Hey, did you talk to her? Yes, I ________ to her.
a. was talking
b. talked

6.     I ________ home very late last night.
a. came
b. was coming

7.     How long ________ the flu?
a. did you have
b. were you having

8.     ________ a good time in Brazil? Yes, I had a blast!
a. Were you having
b. Did you have

9.     We ________ breakfast when she walked into the room.
a. had
b. were having

10.           Last month I decided to buy a new car, and today I finally ________ it.
a. bought
b. was buying

11.           I ________ when the waitress took my plate.
a. still ate
b. was still eating

2. Decide whether the Past Continuous or Past Simple should be used in each gap.

1.     Mike ____ (not see) his friend because he ____ (face) the other way.

2.     We _____ (go) down the road at 100 kph when the wheel ____ (fall) off.

3.     They ____ (watch) TV when the lights ____ (go) off.

4.     She ______ (fill) in a questionnaire when the pen _____ (run)out of ink.

5.     The winning racing driver ____ (shake) the bottle then _____ (take) the cork out.

6.     Uncle Ben _____ (get) dressed ___when he ____ (feel) a sharp pain in his chest.

7.     He nearly _____ (have) a heart attack when he ______ (see) the bear.