Variant I

     1."I was very tired," she said.
→ She said

    2."Be careful, Ben," she said.
→ She told Ben

     3."I will get myself a drink," she said
→ She said

     4."Why haven't you phoned me?" he asked me.
→ He asked

     5."I cannot drive them home," he said.
→ He said

     6."Peter, do you prefer tea or coffee?" she said.
→ She asked Peter

     7."Where did you spend your holidays last year?" she asked me.
→ She asked me

     8. He said, "Don't go too far."
→ He told her

     9."Have you been shopping?" he asked us.
→ He asked us

    10."Don't make so much noise," he said.
→ He asked us



Variant II

 1.He said, "I like this song."
→ He said

   2."Where is your sister?" she asked me.
→ She asked me

   3."I don't speak Italian," she said.
→ She said

   4."Say hello to Jim," they said.
→ They asked me

   5."The film began at seven o'clock," he said.
→ He said

  6."Don't play on the grass, boys," she said.
→ She told the boys

   7."Where have you spent your money?" she asked him.
→ She asked him

  8."I never make mistakes," he said.
→ He said

  9."Does she know Robert?" he asked me.
→ He asked me

  10."Don't try this at home," the teacher said to the children.
→ The teacher told the children